Monday, September 6, 2010


As you can tell, my html page is quite simple. I'm a minimalistic type of guy. Before I go in on how it looks like, let me tell the struggle.

It was tedious business. Putting the code isn't the problem, it's the idea that one has to tell every single detail into it. The using of pixels for position cost me a lot of time. Though after trial and lots of error, I manage to get a bit on how to do it. Could I redo it again faster? No. But I could try to get it somewhat on the fifth try. It's matter of practice.

Now to the page, I went with a more simple elegant way. I placed that position so it created a more dynamic white page that all aligned to the edge or simply on the middle. No matter how big or small the webpage can be, it will always have a different white space that will work with the composition.

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